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2 Solutions for Compact Bathrooms

With more people moving into urban environments, compact living is becoming increasingly common. City dwellers are all too familiar with the space restraints that go hand in hand with living in tiny apartments, especially where the bathroom is concerned.

A small bathroom can be incredibly frustrating to use which is not how one should feel about one of the most functional rooms in the home. Two of the most frequently heard complaints are poor lighting and lack of airflow. Luckily, there are solutions to these issues and making two simple changes to this space can make your daily routine a lot more pleasant.




The bathroom mirror is one of the most used features in the home. We use it daily for tasks such as applying makeup, styling our hair, shaving, and brushing our teeth. Well-considered lighting around your mirror and basin should be a priority to maximise the functionality of your bathroom, especially in a small bathroom where natural lighting is limited. If you have the space, sconces placed at eye level on either side of the mirror will provide shadowless illumination. If there simply isn’t any available wall surface area on either side of your mirror then investing in a mirror with integrated lighting is the way to go. A mirror and lighting combo is a practical solution for illuminating small bathrooms as less wall space is required. If your bathroom lacks storage, then take this solution to the next level by opting for a lighted medicine cabinet. This 3-in-1 fixture is a space-saving must as it combines a mirror, lighting, and cabinet in one.




Small bathrooms usually have small windows, and sometimes they don’t have a window at all. An extractor fan will combat the issues that are caused by a poorly ventilated bathroom. Steam generated from a hot shower or bath settles on your bathroom surfaces and promotes the growth of mould and bacteria. An extractor fan works to draw the moisture out of the air so that your bathroom does not remain damp, preventing mould from forming. Extractor fans also eliminate any unpleasant odours and improve the general air quality of the room.


LED bathroom mirrow (W498)                         Round mirrow light (W295)



Cosmetic Mirrow (W497)              Extractor Fan (W30W)                Wall Extractor  (F43)


Source:  Eurolux
All lights featured can be purchased at Herholdt’s Lighting Division
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