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2020 Lighting Trends

2020 Lighting Trends

Lighting is another part of the decoration, and any interior designer will point out that the correct use of it is capable of changing the look of a room. In this article we are going to talk about popular lighting trends that will give a lot to talk throughout the year, and that you will find in catalogs and stores.


1. Organic materials



If there is something to be said about organic materials, it is that they never go out of style: a certain style in natural fiber lamps may not be a tendency for a time, or a specific material may not work too hard for a while, but if we talk about lamps made with natural materials, we talk about durable and, generally, quality products.  This style of fixture is often associated with boho or coastal interiors but they really work in a wide array of interior spaces from Scandinavian to modern farmhouse.


2. Geometric shapes


Lighting design inspired by angles and shapes has been popular for a while now and will continue to be next year too. Geometric fixtures with bold lines and repeated patterns make for eye-catching additions to contemporary spaces. The circle is going to be a key shape in 2020. With no beginning and no end, this infinite shape brings a sense of completeness to a room. This strong, fluid form pairs particularly well with minimalistic and industrial contemporary interiors. Look out for designs that offer a mixed composition of curves.


3. Copper and ages metal lamps



The next of the lighting trends for 2020 are copper or aged metal lamps. Metals are an absolute trend in decoration, and this year it has been the turn of copper to be at the forefront, paradoxically, providing a vintage touch.


4.  Black and Gold lamps



A trend that began in 2019 and continues even more strongly in this new year. The details in gold are a true must have, either to give a touch of elegance to the room or by simple combination of colors. An original solution, designed to emphasize light, heat and turn any space into a cozy place. In fact, the luminous reflections of the golden part create cozy and intimate atmospheres, rich with feeling and warmth. The black and gold lamps, with canvases and timeless shapes, find their harmony in the different styles of decoration, from classic to modern, through vintage. They are perfect for the living room, dining room or even for the bedroom, offering class and elegance without equal.


Source:  Eurolux, New Decor Trends

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