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Back to School Lighting

Back to school lighting


The bell has rung and classes have begun.

That’s right, the school year has started which means your child will need a comfortable spot at home to do homework, work on assignments, and read books.

Lighting plays a key role in creating an environment that is conducive to learning. The right lighting will not only help your child study, but it’ll also help them retain information too. We’ve put together a list of lighting tips to ensure their academic year get’s off to a comfortable start.



• Avoid blue-white LED lights. This light is far too bright to concentrate in and your child will struggle to fall asleep when it’s time to go to bed.

• A better option is a reading light that emits a glow that is closer to that of natural sunshine. Bulbs that are yellow-white in temperature create the best learning environment.

• While focused task lighting is essential, don’t forget to compliment it with ambient lighting. Without overhead ambient lighting, the eyes have to work hard to adjust to the contrast between low overhead light and bright task lighting. This causes eye strain and can be distracting for children.

• Aside from overhead ambient lighting, you may also want to consider adding a fun feel to the room by incorporating Edison bulbs or coloured bulbs. They serve as a fun tool to help your child gather their thoughts and even help relax the eyes.

• Looking for fun ways to help your child study or complete their homework? Use lighting as a timer. Use a light on a timer to indicate when it’s time for your child to take a study break or when to call it a night and go to bed.

• LED light bulbs are a safer option for small children. They minimize ultraviolet rays and they don’t heat up. Plus they’re a more affordable option in the long run as they have a longer life span when compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

• Desk lamps with an adjustable neck are ideal for working on projects. Children can move the angle of the light in whichever direction they need it, which comes in handy when doing crafts and building things.

• Your child may prefer reading books from the comfort of their bed. If the bedside table is already occupied by an alarm clock or books, then invest in a wall-mounted lamp.

LED Burj Desk Lamp (T514W)                               Teal Desk Lamp (T23T)                        Rechargeable LED desk lamp (H29W)

Tai Table Lamp (T551)                                                  Study lamp with clamp (T20B)                           Speed wall lamp(W109SC)

Source:  Eurolux

All lights featured can be purchased at Herholdt’s Lighting Division



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