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Instantly Cozier: Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Lighting

If long, dark winter days get you down, it may be time to warm up your home’s lighting. While adjusting your lighting may not be something you think about on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised how much adding an extra table lamp or switching lightbulbs can alter the mood of a room.



Vary your light fixtures.

Nothing screams “dorm!” louder than an unflattering fluorescent light flicking overhead. If you live in a rental apartment with harsh built-in lighting, investing in a couple of table and floor lamps can dramatically change the mood of your living room. For a homier vibe, choose a mix of light-diffusing shaded lamps placed at varying levels (table and floor) and task-specific lamps for your desk or favorite reading nook.



Never underestimate the power of a different lightbulb.

The next time you’re thinking of buying lightbulbs debating between “cool white” and “warm white,” take a peek at the Kelvin temperature listed on the box. For a warmer, more golden glow, choose one with 2,700 Kelvins or less.




Using more than one light source

Instead of using a single intense light source, scatter multiple low-wattage fixtures around the room to produce a softer light.



Look for light-diffusing lamp shades

Light that scatters around the room is more flattering than light that’s directed in a single spot. To get that ethereal glow, choose semi-opaque fabric lamp shades made of linen or cotton, or look for frosted glass sconces.




Source: Apartment Therapy
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