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LED Panel Lighting For The Office

72W LED Panel Light Fitting 6000K


When designing an office, elements like the floor plan, desks, and computers are often given the most thought. Lighting, on the other hand, gets the least attention, yet it is listed as one of the biggest complaints by office workers.

Poor lighting affects employees in a number of ways. It causes eye strain and headaches, making the work environment incredibly uncomfortable which ultimately leads to a drop in productivity. A well-lit office allows employees to concentrate on their work and creates a cheerful environment for everyone to function in.

To achieve this, office lighting needs to be planned and implemented strategically. With so many options on the market, it’s easy to wonder what lighting will work best. While fluorescent lighting has always been a firm favourite for office environments, LED panels have proven to be a more beneficial approach to illuminating the contemporary office space. This is why:


1) They’re cost-effective

LED panel lighting will save you money in the long run in comparison to fluorescent fixtures. They dissipate less heat and therefore consume less energy, which will automatically lower your electricity bill. Because they operate using LED diodes, there are no tubes to replace and the need for maintenance and installation expenses is eliminated.


2) They offer quality, customisable illumination

Quality lighting is imperative in an office environment. LED panels instantly reach their maximum level of brightness when they are switched on as opposed to fluorescent fixtures which need time to warm up. The reflective materials used in the panels make the light brighter, while prismatic lenses work to distribute the light evenly. This even spread of light reduces glare and allows you to illuminate the space with fewer fixtures.


LED panels allow for customisation of light temperature, which is great for optimising productivity in the workspace. In an office environment, you ideally want to prevent eye-strain so that employees can go about their work in comfort. For this reason, LED panels with a colour temperature of 4000K are best. With many LED panels having dimming capabilities, you can also set them to a level of brightness that is most suitable for your environment and needs. This is especially useful when staff do digital presentations on large screens and require the lights to be dimmed. Take customisation a step further and connect the LED panels to compatible motion senses. Large offices benefit from this feature because there are often areas of the office or hallways that are seldom used. Motion sensor lighting saves on electricity because you don’t need to keep these areas unnecessarily lit for long periods of time.


72W Led Panel Light                                          32W Led Panel Light                                D122 Downlight


Source:  Eurolux
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