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Outdoor Lighting for Coastal Applications


Effective exterior lighting is important regardless of where you live, so it’s important that you select fixtures that can withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

However, coastal living comes with its own set of challenges because the salt content in the air leads to premature rusting and failure of outdoor lighting fixtures. Coastal salt is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water and therefore creates a highly corrosive electrolyte solution that acts as a catalyst to oxidation and rust. This reaction worsens when temperatures and humidity levels increase in the summer months. Your home or business may be located a few kilometers inland from the coast but factors such as wind speed and direction still mean that your outdoor lighting is exposed to salt. Regardless of whether your property is directly on the seafront or further inland, investing in lighting made from a durable material will save you money and time in the long run.



Shockproof resin fixtures have proven to be a reliable choice for coastal lighting as they’re maintenance-free, anti-rust and anti-corrosive. Fumagalli is the industry leader in manufacturing resin material outdoor lighting and their collection of fixtures is highly recommended. Their state of the art production facility in Italy uses superior quality raw materials and components to create a specialised resin formulation. This is then self-coloured and UV stabilised, so even the brightest sunlight will not cause the fixtures to fade or discolour.



Die-cast aluminium fixtures offer better lighting and thermal properties in comparison to steel because the parts are easily modified to enable the lighting source to exude more light and heat. When aluminium is exposed to air it naturally generates a protective oxide coating making it resistant to corrosion. Lutec and SG offer a range of robust die-cast aluminium fixtures that are ideal for coastal installations. These superior-quality fixtures are also covered in a special powder coating for added protection against the wear and tear that comes with exposure to a coastal environment.



Kube Twin SG Wall Light (O243GT)            Fumagalli Black Pedestal (O 453BFU)


Ground Light (KH71)


Source:  Eurolux

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