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Select the perfect floor lamp for your space!


The floor lamp is a versatile lighting fixture that offers a host of benefits aside from providing ambient, accent, or task lighting. Floor lamps draw the eye in an upward direction, adding height to your furniture landscape. They don’t require complicated installation and are easy to move around from room to room. A bold design can serve as a focal point and adds visual interest. With so many styles, shapes, and sizes on the market, selecting a floor lamp best suited to your space can seem like a daunting task. We breakdown four of the most common designs to help you make an informed choice.




Lamps that provide ambient lighting usually feature a traditional lampshade that diffuses the light for semi-direct illumination. They can typically be found in the living room area where they provide general lighting for the room. Ambient floor lamps are often positioned next to a comfy sofa and sometimes an armchair where they provide sufficient light for reading but are not nearly as efficient as a reading floor lamp when it comes to this exact purpose.




If you’re looking for a floor lamp to specifically fulfill the role of a reading light then invest in one that provides direct light. This type of lamp acts as task lighting. Cosy reading nooks or a desk area will benefit from a floor lamp that has a flexible arm or tilting shade, enabling users to direct the beam of light exactly where they need it.




Arc floor lamps have a long curved neck and can be described as a combination between a reading floor lamp and ambient floor lamp. Arc lamps sometimes give the same lighting effect as overhead lighting because they stretch up and over other objects, for example a couch or dining table. Consider your stylistic preference when choosing an arc lamp – do you want a dramatic arc that extends a significant length from the base or do you prefer a more subtle arc?




Distinguished by its tall, thin silhouette, the torchiere is a floor lamp with an inverted shade that shines light in an upward direction towards the ceiling. Torchiere lamps provide a space with accent lighting and create interest in corners and walls with their wash of light and decorative shape. They don’t take up a lot of floor space and are unobtrusive in shape making them ideal for smaller spaces.


Source:  Eurolux





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