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The Best Romantic Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

Ever get to a point where you and your partner definitely need to take some time out for each other? This usually means a quick trip or weekend holiday away in order to reconnect and get back in touch with each other, but what do you do if you simply don’t have the funds available for a romantic trip?

It may seem silly, but something as simple as adding some mood lighting into the boudoir could imitate a trip away. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add some romantic lighting to a bedroom, and, better yet, you can keep that romantic feeling all year long! We’ve compiled some of the best examples of romantic lighting ideas for the bedroom to help get you in the mood for love.


1. Sparkling Chandelier

Most people hear the word “chandelier” and think of this massive, way-too-expensive light fixture suitable enough for one of Gatsby’s parties in the roaring 20’s. Truth be told, you can find pretty great chandelier-like light fixtures that are sure to sparkle up the room and set the mood.


2. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are always a great idea and they truly do make the bedroom look whimsical. These tiny beads of light can easily turn a boring, day-to-day bed into a magical romantic paradise when used correctly. Like depicted, you can easily create a gauzy and ethereal canopy for the bed strewn with lights.


3. Bedroom Light

This interesting bedroom light isn’t like your normal light fixture, this one is interesting in color and shape. The crackled silver look of this lamp makes the room not only feel more interesting, but the light itself lights up the room in interesting hues and tones.


4. Hanging Lanterns

Instead of having one light fixture in the room, why not make the bedroom more interesting with some hanging lanterns? Not only are these lanterns romantic, but they add a calming feeling into the space due to all the subtle white light they emit.


5. Matching Lamps


This bedroom features a brilliant center light fixture with twinkling matching side lamps. This is a great, more romantic sided idea that is sure to set the romantic lighting. This kind of light incorporation gives the room a softer glow, adding to the romantic ambiance.


6. Contemporary Lighting

This bedroom features contemporary lighting that not only looks extremely modern and chic, but also comes off as very clean and polished. This bedroom features plenty of the modern world to make the room interesting, but contains plenty of cozier themes to keep it romantic.


7. Glowing Lamps

This ornate, glowing lamps on either side of the bed create a soft, dim glow that sets the tone for a romantic night in. These lamps are so intricate and interesting to look at, and you don’t typically find lamps of this scale small enough to be put in on either side of a bed.


8.  Elegant Chandelier

Who had more fun that Marie Antoinette? Well, probably a lot of people, but the point of that reference was that this tiny chandelier holds French revolution-style glamour. The benefit of smaller chandeliers in the bedroom is that they look great and automatically add some romance.


9. Golden Lights

This combination with the golden lamp lights paired with gauzy drapes makes this bedroom romantically fabulous. The color hues within this room makes this room feel cozy, and naturally peaceful. The color of the light can affect a lot of this feeling, so make sure to choose appropriate colors.


10. Candlestick Chandelier

This chandelier is as glamorous as they come, but more turn of the century glamour instead of modern glamour. This antique design brings a nostalgic feel into the bedroom, which casts a romantic tone across the room. The tiny lights at the end of these chandelier fronds will sparkle beautifully.





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Source: The Sleep Judge
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