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The effect of light on space

The effect of light on space


The role of light is essential for more than just one reason. We know that it provides us with visual comfort and is decorative, but it also serves to influence our behaviour and psycho-physical reactions. Studies show that certain lighting can maximise production in the workplace, stimulate sales in retail spaces, and relax us at home. This is why strategic lighting design is important when planning any area. Light changes our perception of art, literature, film, work, study, and leisure activities. It alters our emotional state. In fact, research shows that the way a table is illuminated dictates how long people will stay seated, as well as their eating behaviour.

Gualtiero Marchesi, the cooking guru who some consider the founder of modern Italian cuisine, always said that there is intrinsic power in the link between food and the visual luminosity of dishes. It is because of this belief that the temperature of light is studied in catering. The temperature of light influences the assessment, presentation, and appreciation of a dish. The meal is, after all, an emotional experience to be enjoyed by all the senses. It is noted that in the Western world, a warm glow of light relaxes diners and extends their time at the table, while in the east, cooler bluish light is preferred.

Lighting influences our wellbeing and therefore has a direct impact on the success of restaurants, bars, markets, and other hospitality spaces.


 “Architecture is a clever, precise and magnificent game of volumes grouped under a light”

– Architect, Le Corbusier


Source: Euro Nouveau







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